Neil Whitney - Founder of Menud

Eating healthy is frustrating.  Most people fail.  But some succeed.  And success leaves clues. 

Over at Menud, a mobile platform for iOS, the team is partnering with health and fitness experts who recommend specific healthy dishes you can find in restaurants and recipes to cook at home.  

“We’re frustrated because there is so much to learn and so much noise.  Rather than counting calories or estimating macros, Menud goes straight to the source… the professionals that do this really well!” says Army veteran and Menud cofounder Neil Whitney — who spent his last 5 years in Silicon Valley leading programs at Apple Inc.

On Menud, you can follow healthy meals curated by celebrities, professional athletes, famous personal trainers, bloggers, and authors.  Menud is taking the guesswork out of healthy eating and connecting you directly to some of the most influential people in health and wellness. 

“With our amazing partners, we’re putting your diet on autopilot.  Rather than you scouring menus for healthy options, or tirelessly googling for recipe ideas, now, you can follow the guidance from insanely smart people,” says Neil.

Want to find healthy dishes recommended by country music’s favorite personal trainer Erin Oprea? Download Menud from the Apple App Store and see what she loves.   

Menud is free to download with optional in-app subscriptions starting at $1.49 month. Or as Neil puts it, “For less than the cost of a 500-calorie rainbow cappuccino, you can eat healthy all month.”  

And the model seems to be working.  After launching their premium product in early June, things really took off.  Menud has thousands of new customers, already.  

On the funding side, things are going well, too.  Just a few months after moving to Nashville, the Menud Team secured enough funding to consider their seed round 155% oversubscribed.  Menud is working with investors from New York, Boston, as well as Tennessee where they’ve secured six-figure-size investments from angel investors in Nashville.

“The support is humbling. We have tremendous partnerships.  Our investors are wonderful.  And our customers are engaging.  I’m lucky to work with such a great team for such and exciting business,” explains Neil.  

But, hey, if you don’t have to take his word for it.  Country music sensation Lauren Alaina seems to be a big fan of Menud, too.  Just check out her tweet from June 13!  

“Head over to Menud and #EatLikeErin.  You’re body will thank you.”